Thank you for your work for us in making the custom zirconia abutments. 

We have greatly appreciated your fast 3 day lab turn around in the past. This has enabled us to make our lab process predictable, efficient and affordable. 

Thank you for you help and it has been a pleasure working with you….

Here is a picture of a beautiful case you did. Great work!

I wanted to share with you the finished case of ******. 

We seated the crowns and veneers today and they came out just perfect.  

Thank you for all of your hard work and making me look good ;). 

God bless you. 


I have to tell you that I appreciate you being a day early with the cases

I saw the cases and they looked really good

I think I will try you again with a lot of cases in next week; 
we purchased another lab that has a long history of outsourcing, I will definitely consider your lab,and be in  touch soon,
I will pay you during this week, thank you for all you have done and I will be in touch soon,
I like that you do partials too, they looked good,
most importantly was the turnaround time,
thank you,